Ti-01 white brushed

The body has got a silky brushed texture and a dark tint. This type of body doesn’t sparkle in the sun and is suitable for everyday wear. Everybody goes through the process of hand brushing with different abrasives to get such an effect.

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Body – white brushed titanium watches
Body diameter – 44 mm
Body thickness – 11 mm
Total body weight – 46 gm
Watch strap thickness – 20 mm
Body material – 5 grade titanium
Watch strap material – natural leather
Glass cover material – scratch resistant sapphire coated mineral crystal
Movement – Switzerland Ronda with one jewel
Time of work – 60 months from one battery
Water resistance – 5 ATM/50 meters
Warranty – 12 months


Designing the body we seeked to achieve wearability and keep it lightweight.


The body is made of grade 5 Titanium which fulfils the requirement.
The weight of the body and the hatch without the glass and the movement is 34 grams.

Before stopping at this option we tried out aluminium and stainless steel. The aluminium body weighs only 27 grams but it is too pliable which quickly leads to scratches and other signs of wear.
Stainless steel is durable and is easy to polish, but the weight of the body made of it is 61 grams.


Diameter of the body is 44 mm. It is the optimal size for either male or female hand. This size looks good on man, unlike most other watches which have the diameter of 40 mm and look too small.

At the same time, on the female wrist this size doesn’t look unproportionally big.

The winding crown is immersed into the body so as not to scratch the wrist.


The back cover is engraved with a unique serial number. This number will be assigned to the buyer if buying through our website and in the future there will be special offers and bonuses for this group of clients.


We use Swiss quartz movement with one jewel by Ronda.
This mechanism combines the quality and reliability of the Swiss brand.

All of the moving parts are made from metal not plastic, unlike a lot of other mechanisms from other producers. Because of patented technology of conservation of the energy one battery is enough for 60 months of work.

The hands and the face

Designing the face we wanted to get maximum ease of use. The clock-face is easy to read, without being overwhelmed with decorative elements. The hands show exact time, not a broad area on the face.

It is enough to throw a glance to tell the exact time. In the lower part of the body is situated the frame with the date. The size and the font are designed to be in harmony with the overall design.


The watch should look good not only during wear but also when you take it off. SKOKA watch comes with a small 16,5 × 7,5 × 4 cm (6,5 × 2,95 × 1,57 inches) oak box. Every box is finished with special oil which maintains the beautiful wood pattern and helps to protect the surface from moisture.

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