Ti-01 brushed

A optimal watch surface that has a neat appearance. Perfect for everyday use, under any of your stylish look. The most popular watch among buyers.

Practical surface

The brushed surface is functional and practical, also well hides small scratches on the watch case, which preserves the appearance of the case.

Ti-01 polished

The mirror polished texture is an example of a classic design that gives the watch a special style, while remaining practical and functional.

Mirror polishing

Titanium is a very difficult material to process due to its strength. Therefore, in order to Polish it in a mirror, it is necessary to use special techniques and spend a lot of time to achieve a mirror effect. Each watch case is polished by hand.

Ti-01 sanded

Limited Edition. The coating has pronounced, directional risks on the surface, emphasizing the shape of the watch case and creating a feeling of rough, untreated metal.

Sanded surface

Deeply ground lines perfectly mask scratches and other traces of use. Unique and unusual texture for a watch case.