Ultramarine white strap

Deep blue wristband with slight purple hue. Can have patches of different colours.
You can choose either brushed or polished finish for the strap.

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Technical specification

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We use crimson leather NATO strap made from natural leather. The band is 20 mm in width with unique patterns of natural leather. This type of watch strap is an integral part of the design, it underlines the shape of the body and is very comfortable for everyday use.
Every watch strap is unique because they have got their own unique details peculiar to the material.
The surface of the watch strap can be polished or brushed.

Natural leather

For the production of our watch straps we use natural leather with the effect of distress. This is how we achieve an intriguing and unique appearance of the surface. We carefully choose the leather to maximize such an effect. This is why the leather may have scratches, scarring, wrinkles or even patches with different colouring. This is okay. That’s what we actually wanted!


Each strap is packed in a grey, tight case. The cover is made of special Kraft paper, which is very hard to tear by hands, also the case easily washed with water if necessary.

Additional information

Rings type

Brushed type, Polished type