Payment & Warranty


We accept payment in different currencies (about 87), All Major Credit and Debit cards are accepted by us, we accept payment by PayPal as well. Payment is processed through 2Checkout technology which has the highest possible safety certificate of all PCI Level 1.

All your card data is protected and safe. We use the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to transfer private or sensitive data from public networks. Your card information is not collected and is not seen by anyone in our company. All data transferred between the server and your browser is private.


SKOKA watch has got two years of warranty from the moment of making a purchase in our online shop or through our official distributers. The warranty covers any mechanical or production trouble which can appear in the cause of wear.

The warranty doesn’t cover:
– Traces as a result of everyday wear, scratches on the glass or the body
– The end of battery life
– Damage because of incorrect use or storage, or lack of care (for example damage from hits, dents, scratches, splits)
– Water damage
– The damage or loss of aesthetic view of the watch strap
– Accidents, loss, stealing
– Damage because of incompetent repairs
– In cases you can’t use the product in accordance with the user manual

We love and cherish our clients! In case of the damage covered by the warranty we will immediately send you out a new piece!* You won’t have to wait for the repairs to be done, you will get a new watch immediately!

* – The new piece will be sent out as soon as we get the old one from you

The warranty doesn’t cover the leather watch strap because it’s a contact material which needs periodical change. Leather is natural, porous material which is why it is better to avoid contact with water which leads to its shortened lifespan. In the process of wear the structure of leather can change and get a unique patina.