Who we are

SKOKA titanium watches  is a young brand established in 2015 by a group of friends. The main idea of our brand is – the beauty of design is in its functionality.

The watch in its entirety is designed in a creative studio in Moscow, Russia.

Our team believes in being transparent with our client. We are not willing to sell fictitious story and concept. In the end, there is only the product and its use, not a beautiful legend.


We believe that good design is not about creating aesthetic things as a thing in itself, but it is about creating pieces which solve given tasks.

The beauty of the product is in its functionality.

These principles were put to use when creating the design of our watch.

Everyday use

To achieve this objective we had to consider a broad spectrum of conditions. Convenience and comfort of everyday use. Actuality of the product in different situations, the ability to suit formal events as well as a stroll or a night-out with friends, the ability to suit you without disrupting your individual style. Our watch must always fit your current look.

Use of high-quality materials while keeping our watch affordable

We chose the materials based on combination of the quality and the cost, as well as after careful consideration of what is important for our client. We do not try to sell useless functions.

Comfortable information perception

The clock-face is easy to read, without being overwhelmed with decorative elements.

The hands show exact time, not a broad area on the face.